Precast Concrete Available in NJ

Mershon Concrete offers a wide range of pre-cast products for any size job. Products include septic tanks, grease traps and dry wells in NON-H20 and H20 units, Amthidrome systems, meter pits, concrete extensions, distribution boxes, car and truck bumpers, concrete slabs, waste (bin) blocks, splash blocks, well rings, concrete columns, lamp bases, concrete picnic table and benches, flowerpots.

Why Pre-Cast?

Pre-cast concrete products allow you to build structural installations easily by using pre-made structures such as steps and tanks. These pre-cast concrete structures make installation easy and convenient—there's no drying time or waiting for them to be built.
Pre-cast Concrete - Family Owned Concrete Business in Bordentown, NJ
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Meter Box
Meter Box
Meter Box
Meter Box continuation