Alternative Septic Tanks Available in NJ

At Mershon Concrete we understand that choosing the proper septic tank system is an integral valuation for both the functionality to a property as well as the aesthetics. We also understand that as the property owner you may not have all of the intimate knowledge and insight as to the full extent of your options as the engineers or septic contractors. This can result in an uneasy feeling and not truly understanding your options. That’s why Mershon Concrete wants to help you with the knowledge and understanding in the purchasing of an alternative septic tank system that is the right choice for your property.

Why Consider an Alternative Septic Tank System?

There are various instances when considering an alternative septic system is a very prudent option. If there is an issue with the density of the soil it is an option – whether the soil is too shallow, too dense, or too permeable. Additionally if the water table is too high it is an option or an alternative septic system may be required on properties located close to a water source to protect that source per regulations.
Let’s take for example a client we assisted that was remodeling their home and seeking the appropriate permits to put on an addition consisting of an additional bedroom and bathroom. Upon inspection it was detected that their current wastewater treatment system was out of compliance in relation to the current code. The issue could potential effect the surrounding environment as well as a health risk to our clients with regard to the current system. The system had to be upgraded in order for a remodeling permit to be issued. With the issue at hand the homeowner had a couple options; they could install a mound system or seek to install an alternative system. Not liking the effects a potential mound system would have on the functionality and curbside appeal of the property homeowners purchased an alternative septic system. (Note most municipalities are very open to and supportive in allowing the property owner to seek an alternative system and when properly planned commonly grant the appropriate approvals and permits.)

Advantages for an alternative septic system

  • Inadequate separation between the bottom of an existing drain field’s trenches and the water table to properly treat the sewage
  • Typically a smaller area of the grounds is needed and less lawn is disturbed in the process.
  • Cost Effective Approach
  • Increase the property value
  • As an additional bonus new research has shown that a recirculating sand filter (RSF) system to be extremely effective at removing pathogens from wastewater.

Alternative Septic Systems Solutions:

There are various types of alternative septic systems and a wide range of options to properly install a system.
Please note some of the below options that we can help supply for your property
Pressurized dosing
Sand Filter
Drip Distribution/Irrigation
Constructed wetlands
  • Pressurized dosing
  • Sand filter
  • Plastic chamber leach field
  • Aerobic treatment system
  • Drip distribution/irrigation
  • Constructed wetlands
Knowledge is extremely important with the alternative septic systems as they require various moving parts such as the alarms, pumps, and monitors. The systems are often custom solutions as they are dependent on specifics to the conditions of the property. Rely on Mershon Concrete to assist with our vast knowledge and expertise in the industry.
Regardless of the septic system installation being vetted out our unparalleled knowledge allows us to make the best recommendations and provide the best service to each customer. We strive to stay on top of the advances made in our industry.
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